The hunt for Red october’s birthday.

20160226_202742 So here at Rotten Candy one of our very own’s birthday was coming up so in true Rotten style Sean & Holly decided to get Red a little something. Now being that its Red so we went with some subtle jokes “The Hunt for Red October” and obviously calling her a butthole and a bellend. You know its the thought that counts when gift giving but whats underneath all this amazing comedy genius is something that will touch her cold dead heart a lot more than smokes & sarcasm is a little thing called ‘Batman: MadLove’ Written by the duo who gave us that Art deco style cartoon show gave us one of the best Harley Quinn / Joker story lines to date in my view. This trade paper back was released in 2009 with the original story being released in February 1994, This 22 year old story line is all about Harley Quinn’s desire for The Joker as usual however with flashbacks to the origin story of Quinn & The Joker it was a clear choice for Red.

With Red being a comic fan with normally terrible taste i had to get her this issue to hopefully get her started towards some decent collection. I mean she does have The Killing Joke but need more than one decent book.

Anyway onces she sees this shes gonna be pissed. Fuck it.



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