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In a small flat in the depths of Bournemouth town centre I attempt to make a new Harley Quinn for Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. Now there are many versions of Harley but I feel that the latest incarnation, that will take over the big screen in August, will be extremely popular. And that’s the version my living doll/victim Emily chose.

It’s my belief that people are drawn to the character of Harley Quinn because she appears free. She speaks her mind and has endless passion. Some see her as a victim of the Joker, corrupted by him. Others with a more liberal view, and have a fascination with the Joker as I do, see her as liberated from the great lie of life.

Speaking of the lie of life let’s get back to it. Finding the new Harley costume was surprisingly easy; a combination of Amazon and various Etsy stores and voila instant Harley, at least from the neck down. We managed to get the t-shirt with the ‘Daddy’s little monster’ logo, the jacket proudly emblazoned with ‘Property of the Joker’ across the back and the spangling short not forgetting the tattoos which we also found with relative ease. Add it altogether with some fish nets, the one glove she wears, the gun holster, bracelets from your local goth shop and the Puddin’ choker. Easy. The time consuming piece of the puzzle was the wig and makeup.

This is a Harley Quinn who’s been dipped in acid so white face powder was clearly going to be the key. Although luckily Emily is about as translucent as I am so it wasn’t going to be a mammoth task. We started by doing what I consider everyday make-up; primer and foundation for an even surface, then started the layers of white face powder blending it in to get the dipped din acid look. The next stage was the eye makeup, we studied the images of the sparkly new Harley to match as closely as possible with what we had available. Blue, pink and black eye shadow, black eyeliner pen and mascara and of course blood red lipstick. From the images of Harley, from the upcoming Suicide Squad film, her make-up is smeared from the get go meaning it didn’t need to be perfect.


Now I’m not a massive fan of wigs but luckily Harley’s hair is fairly straight forward, all we needed to do was put it in pigtails, got some coloured hairspray and spray each tail to get the effect, one pink and one blue.

The finishing touches were filling the holster with a toy gun and two small bottles that she’s been seen with, I can only guess she’s carrying booze or Joker Toxin in them. And of course Harley’s weapon of choice the baseball bat. Now for convention clearly real bats are not allowed so we went with a plastic kiddies bat. It turned up a garish yellow colour with and equally garish childish sticker on it so we soaked it in the bath to get the hideous sticker off then it was painted in a light wood tone to get rid of the tacky yellow, then came the fun part of drawing all over it. I studied the images carefully to make sure I got it as close as I could with what I had available. For the ‘Good Night’ down the middle we tossed around ideas of making stencils to use and finding a font to match but int he end I just had to freehand it. And in doing that my brain clicked and I ended up free handing the lot. The other writing which is visible in the images but not readable we just had to choose what to put on there. We chose two Harley quotes and a Joker quote, then I went nuts and started putting random stuff I thought Harley would have on there. All of it done with sharpie pens. 

InstagramCapture_7e4dcd23-45a9-4092-948b-ac46279c4646That’s how you make a Harley Quinn on a budget. See below for a couple pics from Bournemouth Film and Comic Con.

   FCCB x2 Harley  FCCB deapool

Holly Rihan

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