‘Good Deadpool’

Maximum effort was put into making Deadpool but I can promise you it does not require maximum effort to watch. It’s not very often I go see a movie and immediately want to watch it again, but this self-referencing fourth wall breaking jaunt into the X-Men universe got my attention.  

Deadpool is known as ‘the merc with the mouth’ and he doesn’t disappoint, we all saw his tragic first outing where they sewed his mouth shut but we loved him anyway because we knew it wasn’t his fault. And since that first test footage ‘leaked’ we’ve had high hopes. It took years but he’s back to kick all other comic book movies in the teeth.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet or haven’t seen the trailer (what rock have you been living under?) here’s the jist; Wade Wilson is a merc diagnosed with cancer, he’s taken to a manky workshop where he gets his mutant mojo but ends up looking like ‘Freddie Kruger fucked a topographical map of Utah’. We watch Deadpool on his bludgeoning quest to find the villain, Ajax (or Francis is you prefer), to fix him and save his girlfriend.

This is simply a fun movie, and we’re finally getting a CBM not dressed up as a family film. Between the freeze frames, superior stunts and quick witted jokes, we get a decent story, characters we care about and even a fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break. This movie is made to entertain and it thoroughly does.

Holly Rihan

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