Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So I’m supposed to write a review of the new Batman v Superman film however I don’t have a lot to say. When I first heard it was being made I wasn’t overly excited, not being a massive fan of superman. But I am a Batman fan, and when the 1st trailer dropped I was intrigued to see this new version of the dark knight. An older more experienced batman, and a DC universe that has seen the harshest versions of its villain’s.

Now I’ll freely admit I was doubtful Ben Affleck could pull off being the Bat, I thought he’d do for Batman what he did for Daredevil. But I stand corrected, he pulled it off. He couldn’t have done it, in my opinion, in his younger days but as a gruff rough around the edges ageing batman it worked. I’ll even go as far to admit that Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luther was beyond what I expected. He was, as I said earlier, the harshest version of the character to grace the screen. An unhinged psychotic child genius who acts as the comic relief, as much as one can in a DC film, and a suitable villain.

There were moments when I was impressed, I won’t give spoilers here, the effects were amazing the costumes great. There were some keys moments that were clearly set-ups for the other DC films to come for which I am really excited.

However, and I’m going to assume if you’re reading this you’ve seen the trailers, there wasn’t anything there I wasn’t expecting. Of the footage from said trailer I could tick off everything as the film went on, I’m of the opinion that trailers should be great but the film should give you more. There were also awesome character that were massively under used, pointless flash backs, and it suffered the same as Man of Steel in being just that bit too long.

I wanted to be wrong about this film, I was hoping that I was just being cynical but sadly I got what I expected. That’s not to say the film is unwatchable, I’m certain many people will love the film and if the box office is anything to go by they already do, but I’ve no doubt there are people just like me who were massively disappointed.

Holly Rihan

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