A Missed Opportunity – Suicide Squad Review

Let’s be honest we’ve all been waiting for this film since we saw the first image of Jared Leto’s Joker. We ate up every leaked image and video dying to know more about this film, we watched every trailer and tv spot and for what? A missed opportunity. I want to take the time to talk about each character in turn, something this film doesn’t do enough of in my opinion, but first let’s talk about the overall good stuff.

This film is visually stunning it’s shot beautifully the use of colour is great and the make-up, especially on Killer Croc, is spot on along with the costumes. Visually the only fault I have is the comic book style list of info, which we got a bit of in the tv spots, wasn’t on screen long enough no one could read it. The soundtrack was great, if you had it on in the background of a party you’d find something to suit most tastes, however although the songs are awesome a fair few times I found them distracting. And this emphasises, I think, everyones issue with the film that the good stuff is simply over-shadowed by the bad or doesn’t last long enough or the opposite it’s too much.

We need to talk about the squad, I’m not putting them in any particular order but I’ll start with one of the stand outs. Amanda Waller: Viola Davis did a great job she was cold, calculating and ruthless, she commanded attention in every scene she was in. They did a stand up job of convincing us that she was far worse than anyone on the squad although once she put the squad together I felt like she was just there to remind us that she could kill them at anytime, which was a shame because any character should be used as more than plot device. Sadly that’s all Rick Flag is there for too. Coupled with the sad news that Joel Kinnamen can’t act for toffee but he was also burdened with a bad story arc. Rick Flag is supposed to lead this team but he comes across as more of a “yes” man and is simply the fall guy for Waller’s mistakes.

Let’s talk magic, Enchantress: Cara Delevingne did her best with an underdeveloped character and as a character few of us are familiar with she would have benefitted from some fleshing out. Also I feel we don’t get enough of her as June Moone. The number one example of an underdeveloped character that we have throughout the whole film is Katana. Her back story is given entirely through exposition barely getting any glimpses about ho she really is and like Enchantress for those of us who had no idea who she was we needed more. And the same goes for the next in the line up: Killer Croc. Visually striking the make-up effects are without fault but that’s where the praise ends. I could barely understand what he was saying and he simply didn’t do anything. Speaking of characters who didn’t do anything any fans of Slipknot out there I hope you said your goodbyes when you saw the trailers because that’s all you get. 

One character I did warm to was Captain Boomerang. I loved Jai Courtney he did a great job with what he was given which sadly was not enough, a recurring theme, but he went for it and it paid off. He was one of the few characters I believed throughout the whole film and I wanted more. Moving onto to someone I actually wanted a bit less of, Deadshot. I had serious reservations about Will Smith portraying the cold-hearted hitman and I was right. That’s not to say he did a bad job he simple wasn’t the Deadshot I wanted, he was Will Smith. Though one of his best scenes was with El Diablo, another one who could’ve used more explaining, the interaction between them was a good scene as was El Diablo’s big scene at the end. Jay Hernandez was good but underused.

Someone I’ve always had a soft spot for is Harley Quinn and she was the drawing point for the film. Margie Robbie did a fantastic job but I don’t think we’ve seen her best scenes in this film. It’s clear a huge amount has been cut and Harley is one character who really suffers as a result. The main flaw with her was the accent which I would have preferred Margot Robbie not to do if she couldn’t do it 100%. Of all the scenes I remember from the film when I think back the few that stand out are with Jared Leto’s Joker. Again massive cuts and we certainly haven’t seen his best scenes but what little we did see was positive. I love the look, the way he moves and the expressions on his face. This is a very modern Joker and I think Jared Leto should be proud of his performance.

We did get two cameos in they film, one we saw in the trailers, but those coupled with a few spoken references in passing are not enough to tie this film to the rest of the DCEU (DC extended universe). In closing I simple want the rest of this film it seemed to me that every scene had been cut in half. I know we all like films these days to move at a fairly speedy pace but this one needed to slow down. I don’t want a film that’s like watching a string of Snapchats. All we asked for was a solid story that moved at a reasonable pace and fleshed out is characters. Unfortunately is just missed the mark.

Holly Rihan

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